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  • Posted in: The Commons

    I'm looking forward to today's NewsLit Camp, although I am several hours ahead here in Rome. Along with Caitlin's suggestions, I highly recommend the Standford/MIT Civic Online Reasoning PD I did last summer and incorporated Lateral Reading with our ...

  • Posted in: The Commons

    Hi All, I am looking for story-mapping software for elementary students (mostly 4-5) that could be use with multiple devices (MacBooks and iPads). I used  inspiration.com  years ago but it seems to not exist any more. Ultimately, I am looking ...

  • Posted in: The Commons

    Hi Karen, I love using Windows 10 devices with the younger students. My school is PC and chromebooks and students can't download any programs so, I really try to find web/online alternatives instead of apps as this way if students are working at home, ...

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  • Shadowlands Immersive Experience in Games March 31st

    This immersive experience covers the covenants (zones) in the newest expansion of World of Warcraft looking through a Mechanics-Dynamics-Aesthetics (MDA). The recent expansion of World Warcraft is focused on a liminal state of death and rebirth where even player levels and abilities have been reset. It has also introduced four new design styles and storylines to the world. We will look holistically at the mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics that each of these bring to game-play and role-play.

    There are two ways for participation: Join us in Discord only  https://discord.gg/v3Cqzrj or in Discord and World of Warcraft. Systems Requirements and additional information is provided at http://bit.ly/VWBPEWOW21


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