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This open network is dedicated to discussions and sharing resources related to the ISTE Standards. The ISTE Standards provide a framework for amplifying or even transforming learning and teaching with technology. Topics may include adoption and implementation, the standards in specific grade bands or content areas, and anything else you want to discuss or share. Jump in and get started today!

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    I'm sorry no one was able to provide any feedback on here!  The reason why I was asking is because I have always used ClassDojo in the past, but were told by our Principal to check into Tag.  From what I could find ClassTags main focus is to empower teachers ...

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    No, I didn't get any feedback, sad to say.  Our staff decided to go with ClassDojo from the "research" the teachers did. ------------------------------ Kirsten McLendon Technology Coordinator LaSalle Public Elementary Schools ----------------------- ...

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    Hi Kristen!  I was wondering if you had anyone reply back to you with more information on using Class Tag?  Our district would like us to look into that instead of using ClassDojo this year.  Thanks so much! Sara ------------------------------ Sara ...

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    My district is also trying to decide on one platform (or two) to use PreK to 8th this year.  In the past years, different teachers were using different platforms so families with multiple students were having to check multiple locations to receive communications ...