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    Hi all,  I received a new Aquos board and we got rid of our old SMARTboard.  I am wondering what websites you are using to have students interact with the board.  We have the built-in drawing software, but are there any websites that offer something ...

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    It has to fill at least two of the following in my book.  Be efficient/streamline a current process Replace one thing (or more) that currently exists Be relatively easy to set-up/implement. I am sure I am missing something, but if two ...

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    Great tip thanks!!! ------------------------------ Kimberley Barbaro Teacher Skokie School ------------------------------

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  • Teacher Education Network Newsletter

    The Teacher Education Network would like to share our August Newsletter which focuses on our takeaways from the conference as well as shares some information about upcoming events and opportunities. A big thank you to @Dennis McElroy for ​his amazing work putting it all together. Take a look at our news and requests for submissions and also survey completion. 

    Thank you! More
  • Ethics & Games Monthly with Sherry Jones

    Ethics & Games Monthly with Sherry Jones
    Sunday August 19 at 5 pm MT

    Sherry will be discussing Observer.


    Observer is a cyberpunk and dark dystopian game set in the year 2084, when biohacking and neural hacking become legal. Detective Dan Lazarski (voiced by Rutger Hauer) has been employed by the government to hack people's brains as part of his investigation methods. Lazarski encounters a series of horrific events while neural hacking suspects for an investigation of a possible murder. More
  • World of Warcraft Tour this Weekend!

    Join us in World of Warcraft, still going strong after 14 years. This tour will explore the various facets of gameplay, social interactions, commerce, and other activities supported by this multi-user virtual environment (MUVE). We will gather in Sen’jin Village on Sisters of Elune and then make our way to Orgrimmar.

    Maskirovka invites people to the tour (in not so many words)!

Steve Wick

Neuqua Valley High School
Naperville IL

Linda McBride

St. Louis University High
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Rocky Hill School
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