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  • Posted in: ISTE Commons

    Hello Everyone, I hope summer or winter (depending on your geographic location) is going great for you this year. We are doing some fun, some playful and some serious reading for the rest of July and into August. Please join us! We are paralleling the ...

  • Posted in: ISTE Commons

    Understand. Dynos.io is an ad-free platform. Under no circumstances, we allow or forward any student's personal information to any ad-bot for any other commercial activities. Student personal information will only be used to fascilate better communication ...

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    Posted in: ISTE Commons

    Hello Everyone, An instructor of mine asked about a annotation platform called Perusall . Has anyone used it? And if you have what was it like and how did it compare to other annotation systems you used. I use hypothes.is . Any input would be appreciated. ...

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  • Games & Sims Playground Book Club

    Hello Everyone!

    We're doing a series of readings for Playground Book Club this summer starting next week!

    Join our Book Club Intensives for an on-going, interactive experience this month.  We want educators and gamer-educators to share knowledge, shape knowledge, and intentionally design for a better future world.

    We want to play and talk games, immersion, presence, hackers, playfulness, empathy (and anything else on your mind) with you!

    We’ve got a lot for you to explore this month.

  • Helping our TEN friends...

    Hi ALL: 

    In collaboration with the Teacher Education Network, I’m sharing the following information:
    I hope that everyone is finding time to relax, reflect and recharge during the summer. I am working on some research and looking for some ideas and resources for educators for professional development and some of the benefits of being a connected educator. I created a short survey focused on the perception that teaching can be an isolating profession. I am looking for some feedback and thought I would share it in the TEN Community. If you have a few minutes, could you answer a few of the questions, and possibly share the survey within your PLN? 

    If you have more ideas to share, feel free to add a note and I will contact you to discuss more ideas. 


    Thanks for your time!

    Rachelle Dene Poth
  • "The Writer's Craft: Writing Your Story"

    Join us for an early #Notatiste event on Friday, June 21 at 8:30 AM SLT for the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life Meeting where Lyr Lobo / Cynthia Calongne will be presenting "The Writer's Craft: Writing Your Story". ​ More

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