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The Education Leaders Network supports principals, superintendents and others in leadership positions by promoting the use of instructional technologies to increase student learning. Together we explore the factors that affect a positive learning return on technology investment. Members discuss and contribute best practices, participate in online events and share online articles and other timely information.

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  • Hi Linden, Typically I tend to break down four quantities of tracking as to how successful it will be: - Does it force the teacher to leverage memory in reporting - How long does it take to report and communicate - How much effort is it to add another ...

  • I'm working through making it easy for teachers and administrators to discover how to use a system I'm putting together. What teachers prefer to use when trying to figure out how to use a new tool. So far I've come up with three viable options: - Youtube: ...

  • If your school is anything like mine, mobile phones is a trigger topic.  Some schools are implementing lock-em-up policies .  Teachers are sending me links and hoping for the same in our school.  I believe education has a responsibility to teach students ...

  • I read this article a few months ago and thought it was interesting. By providing charging stations, students have the options of self-selecting when to keep their phones (and potential distractions) out of sight. It also provides the teacher with a no-threat ...


  • Playground Applications are Open!

    The ISTE Ed Leaders Playground is accepting proposals! The proposal form is open through April 1st. The playground will be Monday, June 24th, at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia. This playground is an opportunity for all levels of education leaders to interact with the refreshed standards and share concrete techniques in a fun, hands-on environment.We are interested in presentations on all areas of leadership, including tools, resources, personal vision, and innovative processes. The sky's the limit!

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    Contact Emily Dillard with Playground questions. 
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