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The Literacy Network is devoted to the topic of reading and literacy and works to help educators find information about the types of technology that can assist in teaching reading skills and the programs that can enhance literacy instruction.

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    A Breakout Box is a fabulous way to infuse learning and innovation skills with content in your classroom! The "Four C's" of learning and innovation according to P21's Frameworks for 21st Century Learning  are Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, ...

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    I look forward to using this in my classroom.  Thanks for sharing. ------------------------------ Anne Di Fiore Technology Coordinator West Chester Friends School West Chester, PA ------------------------------

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    This is a great resource! Thanks for sharing. ------------------------------ Karla Kiper Director of Technology Integration East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Gonzales LA ------------------------------

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    Happy Friday!  Today's edition of 5 Point Friday focuses on the top 5 reasons why you should use the FREE Intel® Security Digital Safety Program: Think Before You Link™ available on Discovery Education's FREE resources .  1.  Students (and sometimes ...

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