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The Digital Citizenship Network supports educators in ensuring the appropriate, safe and responsible use of technology. The Digital Citizenship Network offers perspective and structure for learning with technology, providing examples of how educators can use technology appropriately and responsibly to help students become more creative, resourceful and interactive with peers around the world.

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  • Hello Christopher, In addition to the resources listed below, I would add . They have presentations for students and for parents, the presentations are interactive and are also provided in spanish for the spanish speaking community. ...

  • Thank you, Rod. I will be sharing all your suggestions with the teacher. ------------------------------ Gail Desler Tech Integration Specialist Elk Grove School District ------------------------------

  • To work with the student I would recommend the course of action that most of us would take when we have erred in similar fashion. First, we would apologize. The same audience that received the negative and inappropriate message should be issued an apology. ...

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  • Thanks, Anne, for your speedy response. The school is working with both the child and parents to try to help him take control of numerous in-class outbursts. As far as I know, this is his first misuse of a district-wide communication tool. I feel like ...