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    Hello Everyone, I hope summer or winter (depending on your geographic location) is going great for you this year. We are doing some fun, some playful and some serious reading for the rest of July and into August. Please join us! We are paralleling the ...

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    Understand. is an ad-free platform. Under no circumstances, we allow or forward any student's personal information to any ad-bot for any other commercial activities. Student personal information will only be used to fascilate better communication ...

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    Hello Everyone, An instructor of mine asked about a annotation platform called Perusall . Has anyone used it? And if you have what was it like and how did it compare to other annotation systems you used. I use . Any input would be appreciated. ...

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    In our county, the models vary from district to district. Some have full time dedicated "Technology Coach" or "Instructional Coach" positions (which include technology integration). Some have 1/2 day released time for tech coaches and they job share a ...


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