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This open network is dedicated to discussions and sharing resources related to the ISTE Standards. The ISTE Standards provide a framework for amplifying or even transforming learning and teaching with technology. Topics may include adoption and implementation, the standards in specific grade bands or content areas, and anything else you want to discuss or share. Jump in and get started today!

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    So we didn't do a four point scale, but we tried to create a document that would show levels, novice, apprentice, adventurer (to go along with our districts strategic planning verbiage. Here's what we did for empowered learner. ------------------------------ ...

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    I am also learning about proficiency scales and would be interested in this work. I would be glad to collaborate if anyone is interested! ------------------------------ Sarah Davison Instructional Technology Coach Ames Community Schools ------------ ...

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    I also like using Padlet... or Poll Everywhere ------------------------------ Julianne Ross-Kleinmann Member ISTE Board of Directors ------------------------------

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    How exciting.  You can email me at I think I know someone I can e-troduce you too, to help you get started. ------------------------------ Julianne Ross-Kleinmann Member ISTE Board of Directors --------------------------- ...