• Professional Development Needs - 2019

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    The New Year is a time of reflection, and our ISTE Computer Science Network is doing just that.

    Our 2019 GOAL: create meaningful Professional Development that will help to support and empower a CS4ALL mindset

    Our 2018 DATA: We began our PD this year by creating a Flipgrid, however to date...we have 197 views, but only 11 members have introduced themselves to the community and 3 of you who are actively engaging in conversation.

    Whether you support the fail fast, fail often, fail forward or fail better movements... we are all in agreement that our data shows that we are NOT meeting this goal. 

    THUS - we have closed the Flipgrid and have created a QUICK survey so that you can let us know what you need. There is an open-response question at the end and we would love to hear other ideas and needs from you. We exist to support and empower YOU!

    Please complete the following survey: CLICK HERE -

    Best wishes for a great 2019!