• Ender's Game - The Rise of Ender

    We are reading the final chapters of Ender's Game this week. We'll have our Google Hangout on Wed May 25th. Hope to see you there!

  • Volunteer at the Early Learning Network Playground

    Hi community members,

    We are excited that ISTE’s Early Learning Network will be hosting the Early Learning Network Playground: Technologies With Young Children in Mind at the annual conference. This playground is designed to give educators hands-on experiences with different technology tools designed for the early childhood ages. We are finalizing the details of the companies that are attending. Thus far, some of the types of technologies that will be participating include robots, apps, and programming tools. While we are excited about this event, we know that just like previous years, this event will not be as successful without the support and time of volunteers. Volunteers don't have to be an expert with new technologies, just willing to try different tools and interact with other educators. You can sign up for times that meet your conference schedule by filling out our volunteer form:

    Also, if you know of other educators who would like to help out that live in the San Antonio area, but aren’t registered for the conference, they would be able to volunteer for this event. Feel free to pass along this information and email me with any questions.

    All the best,

    Amanda Armstrong, M.S.
    ISTE Early Learning Network President

  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day Mini-Conference - May 18th

    On the afternoon of May 18th, Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), the ISTE Inclusive Learning Network with the help of our International Committee will be holding our first online mini-conference on digital inclusion.

    Join us on May 18th starting at 1PM EDT on any PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android device: You can also sign up to receive a reminder the day of the event.

    Please note: All times listed in Eastern Daylight Time (-4 UTC). Remember to adjust times accordingly if you live in a different time zone.

    1:00pm | Welcome & Overview
    Susie Gronseth

    1:15pm | Overview of Design Thinking
    Mindy Johnson

    1:45pm | Accessible Learning Materials: Options for Reading
    Rhianon Gutierrez

    2:15pm | Accessible Math
    Nancy Kawaja & John McGowan

    2:45pm | Options for Assessment with FreshGrade
    Kendra Grant

    3:15pm | Accessible Coding with Tickle & Sphero
    Luis Pérez

    3:45pm | Accessible Maker Spaces
    Cindy Anderson & Kevin Anderson

    4:15pm | 3D Printing
    Bill Binko, AT Makers

    4:45pm | Accessible Seating Options
    Jennifer Edge-Savage

    5:00pm | Wrap-Up & Closing Remarks
    Luis Pérez & Susie Gronseth

    All sessions will be recorded, with captioned recordings posted on the Inclusive Learning Network's website after the event.

  • ISTE ISEN Social Dinner

    If you are attending the ISTE conference, please join us for dinner on June 26th at San Antonio's Margaritaville. Seating is extremely limited, so purchase your tickets in advance!

  • Ender's Game Chapter 1-3 Hangout Tonite (Wed) at 9 pm ET

    Join us for Chapter 1 - 3 on Google Hangout. You can also jump into our Ender 4 Edu subreddit. Let us know what quote you find the most interesting.

  • Spring 2017 Newsletter

    It's here! Not just spring... but our fabulous newsletter to bring in the May flowers.
    In this issue:
    - Learn more about our outstanding Inclusive Learning Network Award Winner and Finalists
    - Get the details on our free online mini-conference celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day
    - Check out our book study wrap-up of UDL in the Cloud!
    - And so much more!

  • Communities Networking Fair at #ISTE17

    Sunday, June 25, 3-5 pm: Stop by the Digital Citizenship booth at the Communities Networking Fair. Chat with the DigCit leadership team and meet other #digcitdevotees!

  • Intro to Ender's Game Google Hangout

    Here's our first Google Hangout for Ender's Game and Education. Our subreddit Ender4Edu is populating! Visit it here.

  • Using Reddit for Bookclub Discussion

    We're doing something a little different for Ender's Game Book Club.

    We're are using reddit for discussion. One of our librarians created a subreddit for us. /r/ender4edu/ and we'll have the discussion over there.

    It's easy to make an account, just go to the link and look at the top right hand corner. There's more information in this quick video we made.

  • Leadership Playground - Few Spots Still Open

    Our first ever Leadership Playground will focus on the theme of Empowering Vision and Voice. This playground is an opportunity for current and aspiring (dare we add accidental) leaders to explore innovation tools and techniques in a fun, hands on environment.

    We have a couple open times at our 45 minute revolving stations on themes of Empowering Student Voice, Empowering Teacher Voice, Enabling Community Voice, Finding Your Personal Voice. If you have ideas to share, please considering joining us!  The playground will run from 9am-1pm on Wednesday, June 28th.

    We are interested in presentations on all areas of administration... tools, resources, personal vision and innovative processes... the sky is the limit! We appreciate all levels of education (pre-K through post doc) and all levels of presenter experience. This is a playground so let's share, toss some ideas around and have fun!!

    Questions regarding the playground can be directed to Jen LaMaster, co-president of the ISTE Administrator Network, at or @40ishoracle.

  • Ender's Game Book Club

    We're doing Ender's Game (Book 1) as our May Metagame Book Club! Join us for a work of fiction about children, learning, military games, simulations and bugs.

  • Archived April 2017 - Twitter Chat 8pm

  • Archived April 2017 - 1pm Twitter chat

  • Win Free ISTE Conference Registration with Tech in Action Video Awards

    Are you an outstanding technology-using PreK-12 teacher? Or, do you know one?

    The Teacher Education Network (TEN) is looking for videos of best practices for integrating technologyin teaching and learning for our Technology in Action Video Awards! We’re searching for examples across a wide variety of grades, subject areas, and technologies. 

    Now accepting submissions. More information, visit:

    March 2017 - Announce the award process and open applications for submissions
    May 1, 2017 - Final day for Video Submission
    May 2, 2017 - May 15, 2017 - Evaluation and identification of winners
    May 15, 2017 -  Award winners will be notified.  Names published to ISTE TEN list serv!

    Promotions and Awards for Top 5 Videos 
    The top videos (as selected by ISTE TEN) will receive the following awards:First Place: Free ISTE conference registration​
    Second Place: $100 Amazon gift card 
    Top 5 Winners Receive:Certificates
    ISTE Books
    Honored at ISTE conference in a red carpet event sponsored by the Teacher Education Network

    Please help us spread awareness about this video competition!

    Thank you,

    Torrey Trust
    ISTE Teacher Education Network President

  • Recording - Learning First, Technology Second

    Author Liz Kolb focuses on the Triple E Framework which she helped develop at the University of Michigan School of Education. The framework draws from the last three decades of research on effective practices of ed tech in learning (what works and what does not). This Framework (free and open for all to use) is being used by many districts throughout the U.S. now to support their teachers in making mindful choices around the technology they use in learning, focusing on the learning goals, rather than the shiny technology.  You do not need to have read the book to view the webinar.

  • Blockchain Book Club Up for People's Choice Award

    We're happy to announce that the Blockchain series has been nominated for the People’s Choice Award for the Learning Technologies Team Competition.

    Six team projects have been nominated for this award. This award is meant as a showcase of innovation, best practices in learning technologies and how educators are leveraging technology to promote meaningful learning.

  • #isteTEN April Chat

    Join us on Monday, April 17 at 8 p.m. ET for our monthly #isteTEN Twitter Chat. This month, our topic is "Autism Awareness and Supporting Students with Special Needs."

  • DigCitPLN

    SAVE THE DATE for a DigCitPLN Social at #ISTE17 on Monday, June 26th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. Space is limited. Find out more at the DigCit Meetup that will be held on Monday, June 26th from 1-2 pm.

  • STEM Excellence Award Winner 2017

    Dr. Helen Crompton is a Professor of Instructional Technology at Old Dominion University Virginia USA. She draws from 24 years in education and a PhD in educational technology and mathematics education from the UNC- Chapel Hill. After serving on ISTEs MLN, she now consults for ISTE and has designed the ISTEs self-paced mobile learning academy and the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy. She is also a leader in world issues involving mobile learning working with UNESCO and ITU, two divisions of the United Nations. Dr. Crompton has presented globally on the topic of educational technology and published well over 200 articles, book chapters, and white papers in this field.

  • Machinima with Tanya Martin

    On Thursday at 3 pm ET(noon PT), ISTE Games & Sims PD Chair, Tanya Martin will be doing a Machinima Showcase and Talk at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Online Education.  

  • Social Events & Machinima This Week

    Listing of Social Events organized by VEN members organized by Rosie Vojtek at Virtual World Best Practices online conference this week!

  • ILN Spring 2017 Book Study - UDL in the Cloud!

    Join the Inclusive Learning Network (@InclusiveLN) as we study UDL in the Cloud! beginning March 27 through April 23. This practical and enjoyable-to-read book provides guidance and inspiration for how to design and deliver online learning experiences using Universal Design for Learning.

    Sign-up and see more information on the book study website. Activities include reading and sharing in group note-taking, discussing via a variety of tools (Voicethread, Answer Garden, Flipgrid, Twitter, Zoom), and applying the ideas in new ways in our instructional practices.

    The 2017 #ILNBookStudy is going to be great!

    Susie Gronseth, Helen DeWaard, and the Inclusive Learning Network leadership team

  • Coaching Teachers to Implement Coding...

    #ETCoaches Curated Collection of resources shared during the Coaching Teachers to Implement Code Tweet.


    Results from the Who Do You Love, Educationally Speaking Poll this spring! 130 pm ET We will be reporting out Who Do You Love, Educationally Speaking? poll that we collaboratively did. Come and get your educational theory and theorist love!
    200 pm ET We will also have a quick paced discussion/debate on Coding, Gaming, IoT, and Wearables: New Student Success Technologies, or Chocolate-Covered Broccoli? We’ll be using WebEx, so if it is your first time using it you may want to login a little early.

  • Annual ISTE Games and Simulations Excellence Award!

     This award recognizes individuals and their contributions to ISTE Games and Simulations Network. It is an opportunity to also share the great work they are doing with others. Nominations are due by midnight on March 15th. 

  • APLN Annual Conference Activities! Apply to Participate Now!

    Interested in becoming more involved in the Administrator’s Network?  Attending ISTE17 and have great ideas to share?  The Administrator’s Network is sponsoring two events this year and we’re looking for your voice!  Feel free to apply to present at either or both opportunities!

    Administrator PLN Forum Breakfast: Empowering the Student Voice in our Classrooms/Buildings


    Each year the Administrator PLN hosts their annual breakfast forum that brings together administrators from across the globe to hear a variety of speakers on a topic of interest.  This year, our membership has expressed an interest in empowering student voice in our classrooms/buildings.  The breakfast will be held on Wednesday, June 28th.

    We are looking for multiple voices to enlighten and encourage fellow administrators.  If you have a story to share, we encourage you to apply as a panelist HERE

    APLN Leadership Playground

    And parallel to our breakfast… Our first ever Leadership Playground will focus on the theme of Empowering Vision and Voice.  This playground is an opportunity for current and aspiring (dare we add accidental) leaders to explore innovation tools and techniques in a fun, hands on environment.  

    The playground will have six 45 minutes revolving stations on themes of Empowering Student Voice, Empowering Teacher Voice, Enabling Community Voice, Finding Your Personal Voice.  Two formal presentation stages will offer presentations and conversations on the elements necessary to promote and leverage technology for learning.  The playground will run from 9am-1pm on Wednesday, June 28th. 

    We are interested in presentations on all areas of administration... tools, resources, personal vision and innovative processes... the sky is the limit!  We appreciate all levels of education (pre-K through post doc) and all levels of presenter experience!  The online application form is HERE

    Keep an eye out for more professional development opportunities from the ISTE Administrator Network in the weeks ahead!

  • #isteTEN March Twitter Chat

    Save the date for the next Teacher Education Network (#isteTEN) Twitter Chat: Monday, March 13 at 8 p.m. ET.

    During this forward-thinking chat, we will discuss how student voices can and should shape education. We will explore students' hopes and concerns regarding the future of teaching and learning with technology. And, this chat will be co-moderated by students!

  • What your PLN can do for you

    Members of the ISTE Young Educator Network share how their PLN has helped them.

  • Archived Twitter Chat

    Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 8pm

  • Archived Twitter Chat

    Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 1pm

  • ISTE @ ICE-IL for Teacher Refresh

    Join Susan Larson, Senior Director of the Affiliate Program on Thursday, March 2 at 10:00 presenting Educators of the Future: Refreshing the ISTE Standards for Teachers

  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    Who Do You Love (Educationally Speaking...of course)

    To celebrate the season, we are doing another collaborative poll and are asking "Who Do You Love?"  Don't worry, we are not trying to get personal. Instead we're asking what's your favorite educational theory, educational theorist and of course what's your favorite pedagogy.


    If you think we missed anything please go ahead and add it as an option!

    We’ll keep this poll open until the end of February - so vote with your heart!!!!!

    Speaking of who do you love - nominate that great educator who has been working so hard for games and simulations in the ISTE community.

    For more information check out the following links.

    Awards Criteria:

    Nomination Form:

  • Games as Prompts for Classroom Discussion of Fake News and Alt Facts

    This Friday, February 10 we will be doing another Google Hangout at 8 pm ET on Games as Prompts for Classroom Discussion of Fake News and Alt Facts. We will be discussing using games as prompts for classroom discussion of fake news and alt facts. We will be approaching this from an information and technology literacy lens

  • ISTE DE PLN Webinar #2 Recording

    Interested in understanding how to tackle digital divide issues at the district level? This webinar provides awesome insights and ideas on addressing digital equity from the district level. Webinar features Rafranz Davis, Adam Phyall, and Wes Kriesel.

  • Games and Simulations Excellence Award Call for Nominations

    It’s February and it’s the time for chocolate! No wait. It’s time to submit your nominations for the Annual ISTE Games and Simulations Excellence Award! This award recognizes individuals and their contributions to ISTE, Games and Simulations, and is an opportunity to share the great work they are doing with others.

    For more information check out the following links.
    Awards Criteria:
    Nomination Form:

  • Winter 2017 Inclusive Learning Network Newsletter

    It’s February, and we have a jam-packed new Winter 2017 Inclusive Learning Network Newsletter out to fill your brains and warm your hearts.

    In this issue:
    - Nominate yourself or someone else for the 2017 Inclusive Learning Network Outstanding Educator Award
    - Check out FreshGrade to upgrade your learners’ portfolio work
    - Meet Karen Janowski, UDL & AT advocate extraordinaire
    - Learn what’s been happening with our advocacy committee
    - Preview our upcoming book study
    - And so much more!

    Have a warm winter, and live inclusively!

  • Award for Excellence in Teacher Education

    Dear ISTE Teacher Education Network members,
    We are now accepting nominations for the 2017 Award for Excellence in Teacher Education. The winner of this award will receive a complimentary ISTE membership, a plaque, and recognition in a news release and at the PLN Leader Breakfast at the ISTE Conference & Expo.
    To submit your nomination, please fill out the following form:

    To help you prepare your nomination materials, here is a list of what you need to submit:

    Nominee's contact information (including mailing address)
    Biography (350 word limit)
    1-2 letters of support
    2 artifacts (e.g., presentations, websites, journal articles) that demonstrate the impact and innovation of the nominee in the field of educational technology and teacher education
    Descriptions of each artifact (250 word limit/artifact)
    Narrative statement (2000 word limit)
    Responses to the following prompts (250 word limit each): 1) Describe how the nominee's teaching activities include and promote innovative technology-rich pedagogical practices. 2) How has the nominee contributed to the field of educational technology and teacher education through scholarly activities? 3) How has the nominee furthered the field of teaching with technology through participation in community or service activities (including educator mentorships and professional development opportunities)?

    Here is a copy of the rubric that the TEN leadership team will use to select the winner of this award:
    The deadline to submit your nomination is Tuesday, February 28, 2017.
    If you have any questions about the award, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Torrey Trust
    ISTE Teacher Education Network President

  • Apply for the ISTE Ed Tech Coaches 2017 Award!

    The ISTE Ed Tech Coaches Network is excited to announce an award opportunity. The Ed Tech Coaches award honors an individual whose work, artifacts, and recommendations most closely align with the ISTE standards for Coaches ( The award will be given to a visionary ed tech coach who demonstrates innovative ideas and leadership for teaching, learning, and supporting peers in becoming digital age educators.

    Applications will be accepted between now and February 28 for the chance to be recognized with this prestigious award at the ISTE Conference and Expo 2017 in San Antonio.

    Nominees are judged on how their coaching practice:
    - demonstrates the ability to plan for and incorporate the use of technology in educational settings
    - is dedicated to the continual improvement of professional practice
    - significantly advances the quality of education in his/her setting
    - exhibits visionary leadership
    - reflects the mission and purpose of ISTE's Ed Tech Coaches PLN.

    Applications are due February 28, 2017. The winner and non-winners will be contacted in April.

    The award recipient will be recognized in a variety of ways:
    - Award presented at PLN Leaders Breakfast at the 2017 ISTE Conference
    - Blog post honoring award recipient
    - ISTE social media posts
    - Complimentary one-year ISTE standard membership
    - Press release from ISTE

    If you have questions about the award, contact Pam Shoemaker, a member of the EdTech Coaches Leadership Team.

  • Nominations for 2017 ILN Outstanding Educator Award

    Dear Inclusive LN Members,

    Nominations are now open for the Inclusive Learning Network (ILN) Outstanding Educator Award! Nominate yourself or a colleague today via the 2017 InclusiveLN Award form.

    The Inclusive Learning Network (ILN) Outstanding Educator Award honors an individual who exemplifies the vision and mission of the ILN - "enhancing opportunities for ALL learners through effective practices and technology resources." Nominations will be considered from individuals working in various educational settings, including but not limited to Pre-K-12, higher education, non-profit, and industry.

    Last year’s winner, Luis Pérez continues to be a leader in our field and active member of the ILN, consulting and presenting around the world on inclusive learning issues and co-chairing the Professional Learning and Conference Proposal Review committees. His ongoing commitment to inclusive learning truly exemplifies the intent of the award.

    The call for nominations begins today, February 1, 2017 and runs through to the end of February. The winner will be honored in a variety of ways -

    • Award presented at ISTE 2017 PLN Leaders
    • Breakfast
    • Blog posts honoring award recipients
    • ISTE social media posts
    • Complimentary one-year standard ISTE membership
    • Press release from ISTE

      There will be ONE winner, but ALL nominees will be honored. Nominations will be shared with the Inclusive Learning Network Community via Social Media and ILN Website - A wonderful way to showcase exemplary work in this field!

      Inclusively Yours,
      Susie and Jennifer

      Susie Gronseth
      President, Inclusive Learning Network

      Jennifer Edge-Savage
      President-Elect, Inclusive Learning Network

  • FREE Professional Learning Opportunity

    Did you know that ISTE has a mobile learning academy?

    The Verizon Mobile Learning Academy (VMLA) is a FREE 10 week professional learning opportunity for U.S. schools and districts.... and the next cohort starts on February 6!

    Applications are currently being approved for school or district teams with at least 5 committed members. You can start your application today at Then, to lock in your team’s spot in this prestigious course, please add your additional members through the application portal OR simply email Sherry Bosch ( their names, emails, and roles (at least 1 admin, at least 1 tech coach/specialist/leader, and 3-8 teachers).

    And don’t forget to share these great benefits of participating in ISTE’s mobile learning academy with the other educators in your school or district:

    The 10-week course is entirely free!
    Course materials and activities are online, allowing you to participate in world-class professional learning from your own school campus.

    ISTE provides an experienced Instructional Coach to work with your team and customize the experience to address the specific questions and needs of your school and team members.
    Everyone who participates receives 2.5 Continuing Education Units (25 Continuing Education hours) from Johns Hopkins University.

    The team approach unites administrators, technology specialists/coaches, and educators in their vision for improving teaching and learning with technology.

    Sherry Bosch and the VMLA team are happy to answer any further questions you may have about the program or to chat about this opportunity with other administrators or edtech leaders from your school or district. so please don't hesitate to reach out.

    We would love to see many of our Mobile Learning Network members participate in this prestigious course!!

  • Archived Twitter Chat

    January 31, 2017 at 1pm

  • Archived Twitter Chat

    January 31, 2017 at 8pm

  • 2017 STEM Excellence Award

    Nominations for the STEM Excellence Award are now closed. We thank you everyone who for participated. We received so many outstanding nominations and truly have our work cut out.

    We wish everyone luck and are so honored to be part of an organization with  amazing group of educators.



  • STEM Playground Proposals

    Proposals for the STEM Playground Award has now concluded. We thank you everyone who for participated. We received a large number of outstanding proposals and truly have our work cut out. 

    If your proposal is not selected this year please submit again next year or consider presenting it as a webinar or Twitter chat for our network. 

    Thank you Again,


  • Games and Multiculturalism

    Join us for a Google Hangout on Games & Multiculturalism Hangout. We will be discussing the affective domain and using game based learning for raising students' awareness of multiculturalism.

  • Nominations for 2017 Exemplary Leadership Award Open February 1st

    The ISTE Administrator's Network opens nominations for the 2017 Administrator PLN Annual Exemplary Leadership Award on February 1, 2017.

    This annual ISTE award recognizes an exceptional leader in education exhibiting exemplary work providing the necessary conditions for both students and teachers to effectively leverage technology for learning. Is this is you, or someone you know, consider completing the nomination form linked below!

    Application deadline is February 28. 2017 at 12:00 pm EST. The award will be presented at the ISTE Conference in San Antonio this summer during the APLN Breakfast Forum.