• Welcome to the Education Leaders Network

    Hello and welcome to the Education Leaders PLN. Please read our welcome letter for updates to the PLN and more ways to connect.
  • Announcing an Exciting New Partnership with FLEXspace

    The ISTE Learning Space Network is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Flexible Learning Environments eXchange™ (FLEXspace).

    FLEXspace is an innovative and robust tool that supports a highly-engaged group of experts, decision makers, influencers, and practitioners from higher education, K-12, libraries, museums and industry committed to improving learning space design and implementation. FLEXspace provides a sophisticated suite of features that allows users to document and showcase learning spaces, share resources and best practices, work collaboratively with colleagues and partners, and connect with an ever-expanding worldwide community.

    While currently you’ll see a collection that contains largely Higher Ed classrooms, we are hoping that the Learning Space network can use this space for ideas ranging from simple classroom changes to creating new and innovative learning space.

    FLEXspace membership is free for schools. Visit to explore the website resources and user guides, or 'sign in' to the portal to search or contribute learning spaces. We haven’t automated sign ups by K-12 schools yet, so your membership will have to be approved, but it only takes a day or so.

    Created by educators for educators, FLEXspace was launched in 2012 by the State University of New York (SUNY), the California State University system (CSU), CCUMC, the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, SCUP, and the founding sponsor-partner Herman Miller™.  Initially, a team of experts united from integration, Architecture, Facilities and Space Management, Faculty, Instructional Design and Academic Technology experts to design a platform and taxonomy that enables FLEXspace users to upload photos, videos, and support materials, and to detail the furnishings, facilities, technology equipment, and learning and assessment strategies being used in a space.

    Today, FLEXspace has over 3000 members from 1300 unique institutions across 45 countries, with a core team of global experts, advisors and an emerging research and evaluation group from industry and academia.

    The current members are primarily higher education institutions. However, this partnership will allow our members to expand the database to K-12 classrooms as well, so we can learn from each other.

    Also, FLEXspace will be at the A4LE LearningScapes conference in Chicago in November, so stop by and say HI if you're there.

    So, sign up for FLEXspace today and let others know about it. Our goal is to surpass the 3000 higher Ed members with a collection of passionate K-12 space designers.
  • ISTE MLN Newsletter - September 2018

    Hello all!

    Happy new school year to all! I hope the start of this new school year has been successful for each of you. We are happy to provide the 1st MLN newsletter of the school year to you. In this issue, we focus on productivity tools to support your teaching. 

    -MLN Steering Committee

    ISTE MLN Newsletter - September 2018
  • STEM Leadership Team 2018-2019

    Dear STEM PLN Members,

    On behalf of the STEM PLN Leadership Team, we welcome you to the 2018-19 school year and we are excited that you have chosen to be part of our learning network.

    It doesn't matter if you like STEM, STEAM, or STREAM, everyone is welcome here! We will continue to promote topics that are important to you, so your feedback is crucial. Computer science, robotics, and the engineering design process are areas that we already know many of our members care about. Please fill out the survey below so that we can focus on providing even better learning opportunities for everyone.

    STEM PLN Leadership Co-Chairs

    Julianne Ross-Kleinmann Co-chair
    Jessica Shupik Co-chair
    Steven Jones Incoming Co-chair
    Charles Randolph Incoming Co-chair
    Juliet Boone 
    Cathy Collins 
    Joseph Kleinmann 
    Janine Feil 
    Michelle Palmieri 
    Faith Plunkett 
    Darshell Silva 
    Johannes Strobel 
    Jorge Valenzuela 

  • Archived Twitter Chat - August 28, 2018

  • IVC PD: Live & Interactive Video as Supplemental Curriculum

    Welcome back to the school year! 

    The ISTE IVC PLN has a bunch of PD sessions planned for you throughout the year on a monthly basis. This is the first of many - if you have any questions about each presentation or you would like to participate and share your own knowledge please let us know in the discussion!

    Live & Interactive Video as Supplemental Curriculum


    Doug Ashton – Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Streamable Learning and Live Learning Canada

    Martin McGuire – Digital Media Systems Manager at Chicago Public Schools

    Mark Hauk – Taught in a variety of schools and districts and is currently the virtual field trip coordinator in District 23 (Central Okanagan) in Bright Columbia, Canada


    These three presenters will talk about how they have worked together to make live and interactive video programming a key, supplemental tool for their district’s classrooms and how live video integrates into their larger digital learning strategy.
  • Teacher Education Network Newsletter

    The Teacher Education Network would like to share our August Newsletter which focuses on our takeaways from the conference as well as shares some information about upcoming events and opportunities. A big thank you to @Dennis McElroy for ​his amazing work putting it all together. Take a look at our news and requests for submissions and also survey completion.

    Thank you!
  • Ethics & Games Monthly with Sherry Jones

    Ethics & Games Monthly with Sherry Jones
    Sunday August 19 at 5 pm MT

    Sherry will be discussing Observer.

    Observer is a cyberpunk and dark dystopian game set in the year 2084, when biohacking and neural hacking become legal. Detective Dan Lazarski (voiced by Rutger Hauer) has been employed by the government to hack people's brains as part of his investigation methods. Lazarski encounters a series of horrific events while neural hacking suspects for an investigation of a possible murder.
  • World of Warcraft Tour this Weekend!

    Join us in World of Warcraft, still going strong after 14 years. This tour will explore the various facets of gameplay, social interactions, commerce, and other activities supported by this multi-user virtual environment (MUVE). We will gather in Sen’jin Village on Sisters of Elune and then make our way to Orgrimmar.

    Maskirovka invites people to the tour (in not so many words)!
  • Archived Twitter Chat July 31, 2018

    View the 1pm and 8pm Twitter Chat
  • Ethics and Games Monthly on July 29

    Ethics & Games Monthly with Sherry Jones
    ISTE Games & Sims Network

    Sunday July 29 at 7 pm ET

    Sherry will be discussing Observer

    Observer is a cyberpunk and dark dystopian game set in the year 2084, when biohacking and neural hacking become legal. Detective Dan Lazarski (voiced by Rutger Hauer) has been employed by the government to hack people's brains as part of his investigation methods. Lazarski encounters a series of horrific events while neural hacking suspects for an investigation of a possible murder.
  • Tech Trek on Friday July 27

    You're invited to come on a Tech Trek with the eLearning Consortium of Colorado on Friday July 27 at 10 am MT. We're trying out this playful format format to discuss/learn about a lot of tech tools and platforms.
  • ISTEAPLN Summit is now History

    #ISTEAPLNsummit ~ Thanks to @MMD15Y @bjfowler0413 @ashmccrory2 @newson_tony @tonybonds @JenniferCreecy & @drmmtatom for speaking at the 1st @ISTEAPLN Summit ~ Archived videos are here: ~ #fhuedtech #fhuedu506 #tn_teta #HigherEd #fhuedu642
  • #DLNchat Tuesday at 4 pm ET on AR/VR into the Curriculum

    Tuesday July 10 at 2 pm MT - Interested in talking or more accurately tweeting at #DLNchat: How Should Academic Programs Integrate AR/VR into the Curriculum? This tweetchat is sponsored by EdSurge, WCET and OLC.
  • #ISTEAPLNsummit ~ 9 AM - Noon CDT 7/12/2018

    Watch for more info about #ISTEAPLNSummit taking place from 9 AM to Noon CDT on Thursday, 7/12/2018 via YouTubeLive. #fhuedtech #tn_teta #ISTEAPLN
  • Ethics & Games Monthly this Sunday July 8th

    Join us for our monthly Ethics & Games which will feature the Indie game, Detention (2016) at 7 pm ET on Sunday July 8th. 

    The game story is based on real historical events. Detention received Steam greenlight in 2016, and became one of the most influential indie games in 2017 for its ability to enhance the horror genre with history, for the purpose of retelling the real horrors that happened to the Taiwanese people during the 1960s era.
  • AR & VR - Learning Transported Summer Book Club

    We just announced at the ISTE conference, the ISTE Games & Sims Network will be doing a summer book club and slow tweetchat of Jaime Donally's book on augmented reality and virtual reality titled Learning Transported

    We'll be using the hashtag #istebook. If you are an ISTE member we can send you the PDF copy. Please join up, you can sign up here.
  • ISTE 2018 OLN Events

    Come see us at ISTE 2018!

    Communities Networking Fair
    Sunday, June 24, 3:00–5:00 pm
    Location: Posters; Level 3, Skyline Ballroom

    Three Cheers for Online Learning: Building a Winning Personalized Learning Environment
    Monday, June 25, 2:30–3:30 pm
    Location: W176abc

    Online Learning Network Annual Meeting
    Tuesday, June 26, 11:00 am–12:00 pm
    Location: W177
  • ISTE Conference 2018 - International Session

    We want to invite you to join us for an internationally-focused session at the ISTE Conference 2018 - "Technology for Individuals with Disabilities Around the Globe," presented by the International Committee of the ISTE Inclusive Learning Network. The session will be held at the Chicago conference in W177 on Tuesday, June 26, 4-5:30pm CDT. You can also attend the session virtually at
  • ISTE Mobile Learning Network June Newsletter - Conference Edition!

    The ISTE Mobile Learning Network's June 2018 Newsletter is now available! This "Conference Edition" includes information about several MLN events at the conference, including:

    • MLN Annual Meeting
      • Monday, June 25th 3-4pm
    • MLN Social Event
      • Monday, June 25th 5:30pm-7:30pm
      • Location: Timothy O'Toole's Pub - Downtown Chicago
      • Space is limited, RSVP today!
      • On the Red Shuttle Route
    • PhotoQuest
      • Tuesday, June 26th 7:30 - 9:30 am
    • MLN Playground
      • Wednesday, June 27th at 9am-1pm
    We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

    View Newsletter Online
  • ISTE Game Nite in Chicago

    This year, we will convene in McCormick Place Room W179a from 5:30 to 7:30pm on Monday, June 25th.

    The 5th Annual ISTE Games Nite is back! It is time to head the call for heroes to descend on Chicago and dispense gaming justice! This year we have a great mix of digital and analog games, serious games, commercial off the shelf games, and of course there’s card games, social deduction, and board games.
  • Running of the Trolls

    Saturday June 9 with the start at 9 pm ET

    We’re Running with the Trolls. This is actually a good thing. For the fourth year in a row, in the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, World of Warcraft there is an annual in-game charity event to celebrate Pride Month and to raise funds for the Trevor Project.

    Here’s a video so you can see the fun in-game everyone is having. Read more about the #TrollRun2k18 on reddit.
  • Archived Twitter Chat

    Archives for both the 1pm and 8pm Twitter Chats.
  • ISTE CS Firehose 2018

    Join the ISTE Computer Science Network as we open the valves and turn on the CS FIREHOSE 2018 with a very special opening keynote from a true champion of computer science education, Dr. Mitch Resnick, creator of the Scratch programming language and LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab.

    The ISTE Computer Science Network is dedicated to the promotion of computational thinking and computer science education.  The network promotes and provides ideas, resources and events for integrating computational thinking and computer science into every school and classroom to create equitable access for all students. The need for CS educational initiatives is urgent with worker shortages throughout the field. To actualize computer science for all, it must be the professional responsibility of all educators to infuse computer science standards and cultivate young minds to think computationally. 

    So, be prepared to get drenched with new and exciting CS info, resources, and ideas from 12:30 PM through 6:00 PM with sessions provided by quality professional development leaders and educators including those confirmed from Microsoft (ISTE Mission Sponsor), Google for Education (ISTE 2018 Gold Sponsor), WeTeach_CS, MIT Media Lab, Bootstrap, BirdBrain Technologies, Unity3D (ISTE 2018 Silver Sponsor), NCWIT, Heidi Williams (ISTE author of No Fear Coding) and many more. 

    These intense series of interlocking sessions preceding the ISTE Chicago Conference and Exposition the afternoon of Saturday, June 23 in rooms 186, 183C, and 187C of the McCormick Place West building is FREE, but preregistration is necessary via the ISTE conference website.  Premium registration is NOT required.  Look forward to seeing you there!
  • To The Moon Game covered in this month's Ethics & Games

    On Sunday Sherry Jones led us through an Ethics & Games webinar on To The Moon. You can see the slides at

    To the Moon (published 2011, 2014, 2017) is available on STEAM.